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Your Candidates for the TSNAP Officer Elections are as follows:

Vice President/President Elect (2 year term)

  • Dr. Elda Garcia - Corpus Christi ISD
    • What are your strengths for the office you have been nominated?

      I am honored to accept the nomination for TSNAP Vice President.  For the last 5 years, I have had the privilege of serving as the TSNAP Region 2 CBATS director.  During this time, I have had the opportunity to mentor, guide, and support district testing coordinators in my region.  As a member of the TSNAP board, I’ve been honored to be the coordinator for this year’s TSNAP New Coordinator Academy where over 160 new district testing coordinators were in attendance.  It was exciting meet and support so many new DTCs in their newly acquired role.  If elected to be your next Vice President, I am ready to extend my service to district testing coordinators and others who serve in the testing profession across the state.    With over 1000 members and growing, I believe TSNAP is well on its way to being one of the leading educational organizations in the state.  My greatest strength to support a rapidly growing organization is my ability to successfully connect and collaborate with people. Connections drive success in today's world.  Collaboration and relationships are key to form successful interactions between colleagues in the educational realm.  My communication skills, leadership abilities, and focus, coupled with my knowledge of Texas assessment, are strengths I bring to the TSNAP board. Serving in a leadership role on the board of directors for TSNAP is one way I can continue to contribute back to the organization that has mentored and served me and my constituents well in our region.   Together, as we collaborate and build relationships, we will continue to connect, support our membership, and see our organization continue to grow. 

    • Why are you willing to serve?

       I have worked in the field of education for 15 years.  Currently, I am the Senior Director of Assessment and Accountability for Corpus Christi ISD.  Through my assessment experience, I feel I can understand and relate to different challenges testing coordinators of all size districts encounter.  When I first became a district testing coordinator, TSNAP was my lifeline.  I learned the value of TSNAP quickly.   Through networking, problem solving and sharing ideas with other TSNAP members, I found the support I needed to be successful.  For the last several years I have served as a presenter at the Texas Assessment Conference where I have enjoyed sharing with others.   I am excited for the opportunity to serve the TSNAP membership on a statewide level.  I am dedicated and willing to commit the personal time necessary to fulfill the role of Vice President.  As an experienced leader of TSNAP, I am ready to take the next step in serving our organization and its membership.   

  • Dr. Monica Uphoff - Birdville ISD
    • What are your strengths for the office you have been nominated?  

      I have 27 years in public education with the last 17 focused on state and local assessment. This includes serving as: a campus testing coordinator/math coach for an alternative campus in Aldine ISD (7 years), district testing coordinator (Aldine, Coppell and Birdville ISD (total of 17 years)) and director of assessment and accountability (Coppell, 3 years). I also have a background in special education, technical applications and mathematics. The culmination of my experiences and educations provides me with a well-rounded view of assessments and education. This allows me to not only have a global view that assists me in understanding and appreciating the gravity of this massive task but it also allows me to be very detailed and highly organized which aids me in the daily activities of my position. I believe I have a servant’s heart which I demonstrate by providing assistance to anyone who needs it in the field of assessment (Region 11, new DTCs from across the state, Director – MATS West, etc.).

    • Why are you willing to serve?  

      I have served on the board as Director of MATS West. While I thoroughly enjoy this position, I feel that we need to challenge ourselves in order to grow and be examples to others. I want to be able to continue the growth and success that we have had within the TSNAP organization. There’s more work yet to be done and I feel I can continue the vision that has been set in place thus far.

Secretary (1 year term)

  • Karen Mayton - Midway ISD
    • What are your strengths for the office you have been nominated?

      In my position, I am responsible for a wide variety of areas, including assessments of all types (G/T, College Board, home school, credit by exam, and STAAR), accountability for the district, data analysis, and high school credit evaluations for transcripts. I understand the impact of assessment on accountability as well as graduation plans in relation to accountability. This also means that I must communicate with a just about every department across the district in a timely and efficient manner. I value my communication skills and willingness to provide resources to anyone who needs it. I would rather communicate and share ideas than watch people struggle. I am proficient in organizational skills, including conveying information in a widevariety of written formats. I am able to submit reports as needed in a timely and efficient fashion. Sharing information through a variety of technology avenues will benefit the organization in communicating with its members.

    • Why are you willing to serve?

      I love communicating with people and helping people find resources to make their jobs easier. Most testing coordinators wear many other hats than just testing. If I can be a resource for them and get them what they need, then I am always happy to do so. In this position, I would also be able to network with others who have different ideas and resources that would be beneficial for the organization as well as its members.

  • Jodi Pafford - Northwest ISD
    • What are your strengths for the office you have been nominated?

      I am an innovator; always looking for ways to improve systems and processes. Whether it is searching for a new Excel formula to make reports easier or coming up with new forms to streamline processes, I am always looking for ways to innovate.

      I am a collaborator. Even though I love innovation, I could not do it alone. I freely share ideas with others in order to create a better product in the end. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Together, we can be world (or at least, assessment) changers!

      I love what I do every day. I am starting my 5th year as the Assessment Coordinator for Northwest ISD. (Northwest ISD is a fast-growth district nestled between Fort Worth and Denton. We have nearly 23,000 students and cover 234 square miles – lots of developing farm land.) Prior to my DTC years, I spent 2 . year as a high school Data Analyst/CTC in Fort Worth ISD and I spent 7 years as a middle school special education and/or math teacher in Fort Worth ISD, Connally ISD and La Vega ISD

    •  Why are you willing to serve?

      I believe in TSNAP and what it is doing to impact the world of assessments in Texas. TSNAP has been a great professional support for me and I believe it is my turn to give back. Sometimes our role in the district/region/campus can seem isolating because there may be only one person who does what you do. TSNAP helps bridge the gap and connect us. TSNAP has made several positive changes over the last several years: a new website, more social media presence and a shared resources site. I think these things help unite us and need to continue. I am committed to serve as Secretary to help see this continue. 

  • Christina Trotter - Humble ISD
    • What are your strengths for the office you have been nominated?

      Elected as secretary of TSNAP at the last assessment conference, I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as secretary the past few months, and am seeking a second term.  I consider myself a people person, and enjoying being involved in all aspects of leadership.  Previously, I assisted training new district testing coordinators in Region 4.  I have also presented at the Texas Assessment Conference multiple times, even bringing my campus testing coordinators to present. Our strength and opportunities for professional development comes from the people in this organization.  I build relationships, strive to connect with others, and bring people together because I believe those are priorities for effective leadership.  Currently, I hold the role of NCL, Inc. national advisor which mentors the forming of new chapters.  Previously I had the privilege of serving in the role of chapter president.  With this experience I bring to the TSNAP membership my ability to connect and mentor others as well as my ability to manage projects.  One true test of my project management skills occurred earlier this year as a trip chair, during a surprise blizzard in New York City with 200 students and parents.  As we trudged through the snow, chatting with a crew from CNN about how many of the students had never seen snow, my team quickly came up with an alternate plan for the students to have an amazing trip.  That is project management in action.  I chose to continually grow as an effective leader as well as to recognize and develop leadership skills among my colleagues.  As secretary of TSNAP, my strengths will help to create places and spaces where others can come together and connect with each other.  

    • Why are you willing to serve?

      My professional journey of coordinating of state assessments began twenty years ago in 1995 as a newly named middle school counselor.   I believe it’s not what you do; it’s why you do it that makes the difference.  My why is because I enjoy supporting our colleagues.  Throughout the years, I have witnessed numerous changes to assessment and accountability, but one constant is the support I received from other professionals.  I attended my first Texas Assessment Conference in 2006 as campus testing coordinator at a large high school.  As I drove home from that conference, my mind was spinning with new ideas, fueled with the excitement of implementation.  In 2011, as a newly named district testing coordinator for Humble ISD, I joined TSNAP and attended the TSNAP New Coordinator Academy.  Once again, I received an incredible amount of support from both new and experienced district testing coordinators.  When my phone rings, often times it is a new DTC asking for support, looking for a document, or they just need to talk to somebody who has walked the same path.  I feel blessed to share with them my experiences and expertise.  We have to look after each other.  It is my goal to make sure we all get to wherever we are going together, and that we have a vision for a brighter tomorrow.  

Candidate information will be available from September 2, 2017 through October 6, 2017.

Campaigning will take place September 22nd – October 6th and electronic balloting will take place October 2nd – October 6th, 2017.  You must be a paid member of TSNAP before the window for electronic balloting opens to receive a ballot.

Results will be announced at the General Meeting (luncheon) at the Texas Assessment Conference (TAC).


Review - Election Guidelines & Forms listed below for more information.



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Election Documents for the 2017-2018 election process
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
TSNAP 2017-2018 Secretary nomination form DOCX (114.47 KB) Administration 8/15/2017
TSNAP 2017-2018 Election Information DOCX (27.02 KB) Administration 8/24/2017
TSNAP 2017-2018 VP/President Elect Nomination Form DOCX (23.37 KB) Administration 7/3/2017


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