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TSNAP membership is open to a person with responsibility for educational assessment and/or accountability programs within a Texas public school district or regional service center.

Annual membership is $40.

TSNAP membership runs annually from September 1st through August 31st.  

Grace Period Begins June 1, 2020.

If joining June 1, 2020, or anytime after June 1st,  your membership will run through August 31, 2021.


Benefits of TSNAP Membership:

  • TSNAP promotes increased communication among assessment professionals across the state.  
  • TSNAP maintains a positive working relationship with TEA, ETS, and Pearson benefiting assessment professionals.

  • TSNAP is a partner that participates in planning for the Texas Assessment Conference.

  • TSNAP plans and conducts New District Test Coordinator academies.

  • TSNAP hosts a website that gives the latest up-to-date information and provides an online community for members.

  • TSNAP provides a Best Practice Forum for members.

  • TSNAP provides TSNAP Shares, a member only resource center for training materials and resources.  

  • TSNAP provides a member only community for connecting with members.  


How to pay your membership dues:

  • Mail paper application with check to treasurer
  • Mail/Email Purchase Order to treasurer
  • Click the Join Now button below to pay with a credit card


If you are an individual who is involved in test development, development of accountability programs or products, please visit our sponsors page.



Print 2020-2021 Paper REGISTRATION Form to Mail



For membership questions contact Thomas Negri, TSNAP Treasurer at Individual memberships are non transferable.


PO Box 441741,
Houston, Texas 77244-1741

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